Our practice offers a variety of dermatologic services and world lessons


We place particular emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

In combination with Lake Norman Regional Medical Center's pathology department Dr. Wolfe offers frozen section analysis for skin cancer removal in delicate areas requiring reconstructive surgery. By doing these procedures in the office, Dr. Wolfe saves you a trip to the hospital or surgery center reducing both risk and cost.

Through his travels and writing Dr. Wolfe connects the World

To understand how Dr. Wolfe's travels affect him, and you, visit his website


When you come to our practice we vow to not only take the very best care of you, but to share the blessings we have been given with you. Providing expert medical care is one part of our practice, sharing love and lessons is another equally important one. Perhaps the greatest thing we can share is how we can all make a difference in the world.....every single day. Also, signed copies of both of Dr. Wolfe's books are available for purchase at the office or on Amazon.com. Find out more at www.149waystowipeyourass.com and at www.oliverallovermyheart.com